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Curious about Paul Newman's will?

According to a Consumer Reports study, more than two-thirds of Americans don't even have wills!  Do you have one?  Great!  Do you think that this means you're done with your estate planning?  Heck no, you're not!

Why?  Even though wills are the basic estate planning document that everyone needs, there are drawbacks.  For one thing, they are public records.  That's right, when you die, your family has to file your will with probate court (although some states use different names -- New York calls them Surrogate's Court, for example).  Once your will is filed, anyone can read it, copy it, and -- yes -- even post it on the Internet if they want.

Want to see Paul Newman's will?  Like dozens of other celebrity wills, you can read all about it here:  Radar Online Exclusive: Paul Newman's will.   Paul Newman

Unlike certain other recently-deceased celeb's (Heath Ledger, for instance), Newman was smart enough to update his will -- this one was created April 11, 2008, and he amended it with a codicil dated July 24th.  Newman was very thorough, addressing his airplane and race cars, Oscars and other awards, charitable foundations, lucrative businesses, and the rights to market his name and image.  His will leaves most of his assets to a trust he created (again, he was smart), his wife and his charitable foundation. 

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