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Ike Turner Will Contest Ruling is in

The trial involving whether Rock 'n Roll pioneer & legend, Ike Turner, left a valid will has ended.  As described in this prior article I wrote, the case pitted his six children (two of whom apparently are now questionable children of his) versus his ex-wife versus his friend and "sometime" attorney.  I'm not exactly sure why someone would be a "sometime" attorney, but that's how he was described in this North County Times (California) article about the trial.  IkeTurner  

The children argued Ike died without a valid will, leaving all to them under California's intestate laws.  The ex-wife, Audrey Madison Turner, felt that Ike had left everything to her through a handwritten will written two months before he died of a drug overdose in 2007 (even though the couple was already divorced). 

The "sometime" attorney believed a prior handwritten will in 2001 left him in control of Ike's legacy.  What was that legacy?  While it appeared the estate was cash-poor, the victor would receive the rights to own and profit from some 4000 songs.  That's a lot of notes! 

A few days ago, the judge issued his decision.  He ruled that both wills may have been valid, but a later note written by Ike Turner had revoked the last will, which in turn had revoked the 2001 will.  This meant the children were the big winners . . . at least so far.

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Ike Turner Estate Starts a Very Ugly Trial

Ike Turner is considered to be, by many, one of the fathers of rock and roll.  While he's best known for his relationship and work with Tina Turner, his 50+ years in the music business has covered virtually every position and rock genre imaginable.Ike Turner

He died of a cocaine overdose at age 76 on December 12, 2007.  He left behind several ex-wives (the exact number is up to debate, because he reportedly was married somewhere between 5 and 13 times) as well as six children. 

Those children say Ike he died without a will.  His final ex-wife, Audrey Madison Turner, says Ike left a handwritten will leaving all to her - after the marriage ended, no less.  (Who doesn't leave a handwritten will naming their ex-spouse as sole beneficiary?)  The children point to a handwritten note that appeared to revoke that will one month later. 

Then there's his former attorney, James Clayton, who says he has the valid will ... yet another hand-written special, leaving all to the attorney with instructions to contact one of his daughters to work out who gets what.  But can that document be a valid will when it has the name of Ike's daughter misspelled?  That's what this trial, which started September 17th, will sort out.

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