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Heirs of Geronimo lawsuit

Geronimo's descendants versus the Yalies.  First the Gipp family fought about the decision to exhume the Notre Dame football star's body, now a new lawsuit has been filed over Geronimo's remains.  The great Apache warrior died in a federal prison in 1909.  It has long been rumored that a secret society of the upper crust at Yale raided his grave site in 1918 and stole his skull and other parts of his skeleton.  Geronimo

And it gets better; who was the alleged lead culprit?  None other than Prescott S. Bush (father to George Bush and grandfather of George W. Bush).  He and his rapscallion Yale classmates are believed by many to have robbed the grave for their secret Skull and Bones society.  Reportedly, the society still proudly displays these bones and members calls them "Geronimo."

This club of the extremely wealthy and powerful boasts both Bush ex-presidents and Senator John Kerry as members, according to this New York Times article about the lawsuit.

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