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Eliza Presley's Lawsuit Is Back In Court

We've written extensively about the efforts by Eliza Presley to prove that she is half-sister to Elvis Presley and daughter to Vernon Presley, based on DNA and other evidence.  Much of this same evidence also supports Eliza's claim that Elvis Presley is actually alive.  You can get caught up to speed starting here, if you haven't followed this case before.  Elvis_Presley_promoting_Jailhouse_Rock

It's been more than a year since we last wrote that Eliza's case was dismissed on jurisdictional grounds.  This meant that the court in which she filed her lawsuit was not able to hear the case; rather, the case had to go to a different court. Because of this and other legal hurdles, Eliza has never had her "day in court" to present her evidence to a judge or jury.

As we wrote then, Eliza was at the end of her road -- emotionally and financially -- and was not able to continue with the case.  Trying to re-write the history books, which is what Eliza was literally trying to do, is no easy task.  This is especially true when there are those who will go to extraordinary means to try to stop her.

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Gore-Tex Heiress' Adoption Of Ex-Husband Fails To Score More Stock

Anyone who likes to go hiking, biking or camping probably knows what Gore-Tex is.  The breathable, waterproof fabric made W.L. Gore and Associates into a huge success. The privately-held company hit #134 in Forbes’ most recent list of America’s largest private companies, with an estimated $3 billion in annual revenue.   Gore-Tex

Founder Bill Gore passed away in 1986 and his widow, Genevieve Gore, died on January 20, 2005.  The couple, way back in 1972, finalized a trust to pass most of their stock in the company onto the children, and ultimately their grandchildren.  They smartly planned ahead, realizing how valuable their Gore-Tex invention could become and how much growth their stock could achieve.  So they funded the trust through a holding company, early on, to minimize estate taxes.

Wanting to treat their heirs equally, the Gores set up five equal shares, for their five children.  They created a supplemental trust so that each of the grandchildren could receive an equal amount of stock as well.

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