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The Elvis Presley Conspiracy (Part I): Is Elvis Alive?

One of my favorite lines from the movie Men in Black was:Elvis-presley

Agent Jay (Will Smith):  You do know that Elvis is dead, right? 

Agent Kay (Tommie Lee Jones):  No, Elvis is not dead.  He just went home.

That line has been running through my mind an awful lot lately.

It all began in the early days of the Probate Lawyer Blog, when I came across a Memphis newspaper story about a woman claiming that she was the secret half-sister of Elvis and that she had the DNA to prove it.  How did she get the DNA?  From Elvis, because he was alive.  She had sued to re-open the Estate of Vernon Presley (Elvis' father) to prove that Vernon was her father.

And, of course, in my first article about the case, I didn't take her very seriously.  Elvis is alive?  Yeah, right.  Like almost everyone who heard about it, I scoffed.  I snickered.  I went about my day.

Fast forward a few months ... I received an email from the alleged half-sister, Eliza Presley.  She directed me to a website that had a lot of information explaining her DNA evidence.  I emailed back and asked Eliza for a copy of the DNA reports, so I could see them for myself.  Eliza politely said she was unable to send them to me because of the ongoing court case.

But, I had seen enough that I thought I may as well keep an open mind.  Hey, stranger things have happened, right?  Here's my second article about the case, where I said I was rooting for Eliza.  I mean, how cool would it be if she was right, and Elvis really was alive?

The feedback I received from that article was surprising.  Many people contacted me because of it.  Most of them were very supportive of Eliza and proclaimed that the truth would come out ... and it would shock the world.  I also received a few anti-Eliza emails, as well as a couple of phone calls, from people who vehemently (and quite aggressively) swore that Eliza was a big fraud and destined to land in jail. 

In the meantime, Eliza Presley contacted me again.  I've interviewed her by phone, at length, along with her forensic investigator that helped her track down evidence for her case, as well as her attorney.  Her lawsuit is indeed proceeding, although slower than they'd like it to for a number of reasons. 

Getting the Estate of Vernon Presley reopened was the first step.  That alone was a big accomplishment, because no Presley Estate had ever been reopened, despite the number of people claiming to be related to Elvis.  And it now appears that the court case will be coming to a head in the near future.

Throughout these interviews, I've found Eliza to be very open and honest with me.  And yes, she even agreed to share a copy of the DNA reports with me.   She said that she chose to share them with me because, as an independent attorney experienced in estate disputes, as well as being an author and blogger in this legal area, I could write about the reports in an objective fashion.  I agreed to do so, but only on the condition that whatever opinions I wrote about the reports would be my own, whether Eliza agreed with them or not.  Eliza was comfortable with that.

And so, she sent me the DNA reports.  I have read and analyzed the DNA reports and other evidence she sent me, as well as a lot of other information about the great "Elvis Conspiracy" that I found on-line.

And, I have to say, the information has been nothing short of fascinating. 

So, do I believe Eliza?  Do I really think that Elvis is alive?  Is he really her half-brother?

To be continued . . .

[This is the first of a four-part series covering the Eliza Presley case.  You can read Part II here and Part III here]

Posted by:  Author and probate attorney Andrew W. Mayoras, co-author of Trial & Heirs: Famous Fortune Fights!  and co-founder and shareholder of The Center for Probate Litigation and The Center for Elder Law in metro-Detroit, Michigan, which concentrate in probate litigation, estate planning, and elder law.  You can email him at awmayoras @ brmmlaw.com. Follow us on Google+