Will Brooke Astor's son ever see jail time? Should he?
A tale of fortune, fraud, ice cream, and murder?

The Trial & Heirs: Famous Fortune Fights! Video Trailer

Here's a short video trailer to give a taste of what the new book, Trial & Heirs:  Famous Fortune Fights!, is all about:

[If it doesn't play for you, visit Trial & Heirs to see it there]

We wrote this book to give families a way to have the difficult conversations about estate planning that are so hard for people.  No one likes to talk about what will happen when someone dies.  So they put it off, procrastinate, and suddenly it's too late.

With celebrity stories, not only can you start these conversations, but you can get your loved ones to actually do the proper planning.  For example, Michael Jackson didn't use his trust properly and it led to a long fight in court that could have been avoided.  Princess Diana undermined her own will by using a letter of wishes the wrong way.  And everyone knows about the disastrous legal battles involving Anna Nicole Smith. 

We use these stories, and dozens more, along with easy-to-follow education and practical tips to avoid family fights, so your families don't end up the same way.  The book is now available at http://TrialAndHeirs.com

Posted by: Andrew W. Mayoras and Danielle B. Mayoras, co-authors of Trial and Heirs: Famous Fortune Fights! and co-founders of The Center for Probate Litigation and The Center for Elder Law in metro-Detroit, Michigan, which concentrate in probate litigation, estate planning, and elder law. Andrew and Danielle are husband and wife attorneys, professional speakers and consultants across the country.

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