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Steve McNair's agent says not to expect an estate fight

In my prior article about the Steve McNair Estate, I explained how the former NFL star apparently died without a will.  I also warned of a possible probate court dispute because his widow did not list his two children from a prior relationship as heirs in the probate court filing.

This raised a huge red flag because, under Tennessee's intestate law, they are entitled to approximately one-third of his assets that pass through probate court.  There was no good reason to omit them from the probate documents unless McNair's widow was considering challenging their right to inherit as legitimate children of the murdered quarterback.Mcnair

McNair's agent recently addressed these concerns in an interview with the Associated Press carried on  James "Bus" Cook said that Mechelle McNair (the widow) is not trying to exclude the two older children, but didn't list them because she didn't have proof they were actually his kids. 

Cook reported that the proof had later been provided, meaning that she would recognize them as legitimate heirs and they would inherit.  He cited "well-documented legal history in Mississippi" as the source of the proof.  In legal proceedings there, McNair was apparently ordered to provide child support.  Cook notes McNair paid support over and above what was ordered.

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